Blog 25, February 2024

Automatic Door Day 2024

Did you know there’s a National Backyard Day? How about National Let’s Laugh Day? National Chocolate Caramel Day? National Poultry Day? These are all real. And if these things deserve a national “Day,” then automatic doors most certainly do, too. That’s always been our belief here at AAADM, and a few years ago, we made it official, designating every March 19 as National Automatic Door Day.

We encourage all members to get involved on social media, raising awareness and celebrating these hallmarks of access and convenience. We’re all proud to be part of an industry that does so much to improve people’s lives, and March 19 is one day out of the year when it’s OK to toot our own horn.

As always, AAADM has created sharable content appropriate for National Automatic Door Day and its runup. It’s available to all members to use as they wish across their own social channels. This year, we’ve focused on how the grandeur of automatic doors stacks up to some of life’s milestones (baby’s first steps, wedding day, a mountain sunrise) and how they signify society’s advancement from the days of washboard laundry, crank windows, and campfire coffee.

While tongue-in-cheek, the core of our message is a serious one: that automatic doors truly are a modern marvel that give access to people who might not otherwise have it, and make life a little easier for everyone. It’s a noble pursuit, and one we can all be proud of. Here’s to many more National Automatic Door Days to come!

By the way, all those other “Days” we mentioned before for backyards, laughter, chocolate, and poultry? They’re observed on March 19, too! Just like our industry always does, we graciously opened our doors and gave them access.

View this year’s sharable content here. Mark the days and have your MARCOM teams like and share the content. Expanding our voice and reach is one of the best things about being part of an association like AAADM.


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