Automatic Doors: Champions of Access

Blog 17, March 2023

Automatic Door Day - March 19

We're pleased to be celebrating National Automatic Door Day, the third annual observance, on March 19. It's a day to shine a light on this amazing technology and what it brings to daily life. Convenience? Of course. But also safety ... and access.

For as much as we all appreciate an automatic door when our arms are full of boxes or shopping bags, they also serve higher purposes. They help make buildings safe during a lockdown situation. They can contain fires. They keep unauthorized persons from entering our workplaces. They help keep our elderly from wandering away from a memory care unit. They provide touch-free access in a world where awareness of germs is at an all-time high.

And they help everyone lead more independent lives. Automatic doors are the great equalizer for people who struggle with mobility or physical strength. An automatic door does not discriminate; anyone can open it just as easily as the next person. The industry can be proud that we help make buildings accessible to all.

In the coming months, we'll be using this blog to highlight how automatic doors fit into ADA strategies, ease accessibility burdens, and improve the lives of the disabled. This includes topics such as ADA compliance in schools, the July observance of Disability Pride Month, voter access, and more.

National Automatic Door Day only comes once a year. As your trusted source for everything automatic doors, we will continue to champion this versatile entry system and give it the accolades it deserves all 365 days a year!

Do you have posts and/or content you want to share about National Automatic Door Day? Help spread the word and don't forget to use hashtags: #NationalAutomaticDoorDay, #AutomaticDoorDay and #AutomaticDoors.


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