Public Policy

AAADM supports the ADA and any state laws and regulations that help ensure that entrances to a wide range of public facilities are accessible to all who wish to enter.  Independent access, without the need to rely on others for assistance, is a core aspiration of many who are disabled.  AAADM has worked for many years with the International Code Council to encourage the use of automatic doors that help the disabled maintain their independence when it comes to ingress and egress.  AAADM also partners with regulatory agencies to increase accessibility and provide for the safety of the general public.
To ensure the safety of the general public, AAADM promotes compliance with the ANSI/BHMA Standard for Power Operated Pedestrian Doors, a national standard that defines and governs installation, sensing devices and safety requirements for automatic pedestrian doors.  To further the safety of automatic doors, AAADM supports annual inspections of automatic doors in accordance with current industry standards as well as inspections of new installations.
AAADM endorses safe, convenient access for all whether through legislation, building codes, or standards.  Individuals with accessibility needs should have easy access to any public building, including schools (often used as polling places), restaurants, health care facilities, and houses of worship.  Lack of access often prohibits physically challenged individuals from fully participating in many activities and events.
AAADM and its members have a long tradition of supporting accessibility laws, regulations, and codes.  AAADM’s members often confront the challenge of accessibility as they work with architects, builders, and contractors to make buildings more accessible for everyone.  This first-hand experience motivates AAADM’s support for legislation that addresses the dilemma that many of their fellow citizens confront every day – to enter or not to enter a public place for work, fun, education, civic duty, or worship.  More than a convenience, automatic doors serve a compelling public interest in facilitating access to public buildings and places of accommodation for all, but especially for the elderly and disabled.   Everyone deserves to be able to navigate their world safely, easily, and independently.

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