Inspection Benefits

Benefits of Using AAADM Certified Inspectors

Occasionally, door owners are faced with a choice between using installers who are AAADM Certified Inspectors and the companies that employ them or using installers who are not certified.  Choosing the installer who is an AAADM Certified Inspector can provide benefits that may not be readily apparent.

Automatic doors, like any piece of machinery, must be properly installed and maintained to provide reliable, safe operation.  Standards have been developed to guide the proper design, manufacture, and installation of automatic doors.  When these standards are followed, door owners can be confident that they have done their best to provide their customers and others who use their doors with safe and reliable means of access.

AAADM Certified Inspectors have been thoroughly trained to understand the latest standards that apply to automatic pedestrian doors.  To be certified, an inspector must study the standards and the training materials that have been developed by AAADM to explain the provisions of the standards.  In addition, inspectors must attend a course that includes hands-on training and instruction from a small, select group of experts.  Inspectors must demonstrate their grasp of the requirements during the training, and they must pass an exam at the end of training to verify that they understand the training material and the standards.

AAADM Certified Inspectors and the companies that employ them have demonstrated a commitment to their customers by devoting significant amounts of time and effort to achieve an understanding of the latest automatic door standards.  AAADM recommends an inspection of all automatic doors immediately following installation and annually thereafter.

When choosing an installer, it makes sense to use someone who has shown a commitment to you, who understands the latest standards, and who is capable of performing an inspection.