RIGHT THIS WAY…TO INCREASED PROFITS: Automatic Doors Boost Retail Traffic and Thus Sales.

CLEVELAND, OHIO – April, 2013 – Consistent traffic is the lifeblood of retail businesses. Retailers are keenly aware of the importance of creating an enticing entrance to attract customers. Much effort is put into window dressings, sale signs, friendly greeters, flags, music, and gimmicks to lure customers into stores. Yet an automatic door may be a more effective way to increase store traffic, opening automatically as customers approach, saying “come on in!” No wonder automatic doors are becoming a “best practice” for retailers to welcome customers into stores. There are a variety of reasons:

1) Convenience: Shoppers get weary…they are carrying bags, pushing strollers, juggling mobile phones, and struggling with coats and purses. Not finding a free hand to open a door may deter a would-be sale. That’s when an automatic door provides a distinct advantage vs. manual doors.

2) Security: Automatic doors provide added security by keeping foot traffic moving and preventing crowds at the store entrance and exits. Additional features, such as jamb-mounted cameras provide an added measure of security. Locking systems ensure the store becomes inaccessible at closing time.

3) Image: An automatic door demonstrates that the business values its customers and is state-of-the-art.

4) Preference: In a recent survey, 98.9% of people preferred automatic doors over manual doors. Many went on to say that automatic doors are especially important because they show good customer service and provide access for the elderly, handicapped and those with children in tow. Respondents identified shopping malls and retail stores among the top five most important locations for automatic doors.

5) Energy savings: Automatic doors can reduce wasted energy, often significantly lowering annual heating and cooling costs, because automatic doors close automatically when not in use.

6) Value: Automatic doors that are correctly serviced and maintained practically pay for themselves in terms of customer service and convenience.

For more information about automatic doors and advice on choosing the right door for your building design, visit the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers at their new website for architects: www.OpeningDoorsForArchitects.com.

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