AAADM Launches New Website For Architects: Provides Advice On Making Entrances Beautiful, Accessible, and Energy Efficient

CLEVELAND, OHIO – June, 2013 – Commercial architects looking for information and inspiration for commercial entryways now have a new online resource. The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) has launched a new website found at The website provides how-to information for architects, with facts on how automatic doors can make entrances to commercial buildings dramatic and beautiful, while providing ADA compliance.

The website provides a convincing argument that standard manual doors are “old school” and automatic doors are the entrance of the future… available today. The website outlines the benefits of automatic doors, which include aesthetics, accessibility, ease of maintenance, customer perception, and support for architects.

Website visitors will also find a Photo Gallery with inspiring examples of beautiful and dramatic automatic door applications in a surprising variety of building types, from historical train stations to ultra chic restaurants.

Architects who are convinced that automatic doors are the right solution for their commercial building can “Find A Supplier” using an online directory that helps connect architects with automatic door manufactures who can provide advice throughout the process, from design exploration to manufacturing to installation to maintenance.

“Architects may be surprised by the stunning applications of automatic doors happening today. Automatic doors aren’t just for grocery stores anymore. Over the years, style and functionality have advanced greatly. AAADM wants to inspire architects to dream big and explore the countless possibilities and benefits of specifying automatic doors vs. manual doors. Our members are eager to assist architects with door design, selection, installation guidance, and more. AAADM and its members are here to help, automatically,” said Chris Johnson, Executive Director of AAADM.

The website is part of AAADM’s ongoing commitment to serve the architectural community, helping architects make commercial entryways more beautiful, more accessible, and more convenient for customers and users.

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